Pimp My Van

Pimping your van doesn’t mean super woofers and stripes, although you can if you want to.  In essence though our ‘pimping’ service is about you not losing any work time and you getting your van exactly as you want it. We can fit anything from ply lining to air vents for dogs to ladder rollers to signwriting.


Remember how it was with your last van?  Your van arrives, or you collect it even, now to get it ‘job ready’.  You need some shelving for those little extra bits that keep getting mixed up.  You want deadlocks this time since someone broke into the last van.  Oh and you need to get the sign writing done.  It is the best advert after all. Time for yellow pages, google ‘sign writing’ or ask a mate.  That is two day’s work down the drain already by the time you have dropped it off at various places or waited in at home.


We know this is the way it used to be, and still is if you are off down to your local Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen dealer. We can source all accessories at trade prices from tail lifts on Luton Box Vans to Rhino Modular roof racks.  Our accessories are always cheaper than from a franchised dealer.  Of course they are.  Would you buy a roof rack from a Ford dealer or Halfords?  And Halfords isn’t even trade.


We deliver your van to wherever you are, whether it be home, office or on a job somewhere.  Let us know where you will be and we can deliver your van to where the plumbing, tiling, painting, wiring job is located. You can change it if the jobs change.  The accessories are the same.  If you decide you want a new modular roof rack and tube then we will send the fitters to you.  As we said, the ‘pimping’ service is all about making sure you don’t lose any days off work waiting for additional locks to be fitted ‘anytime between 9am and 2pm’.


There is lots of debate over whether vans should be sign written or not.  Does it attract thieves targeting tools?  We won’t sit on the fence on this one.  Your van is your biggest advertising tool.  Estimates vary from 1500 to 4000 people seeing a van on any given day, depending on where you are in the country.  People notice sign written vans.  If they see you around and you look busy then they assume you must be good, recommended, local, able to be found, accountable and more.  You are not hiding away but are proud to put your contact details on the side of your van for all to see.
More importantly, no-one really uses yellow pages anymore.  Yes, they google but that only helps you if you are making sure you are on page one.  What people also do, more and more, is to take a picture of the van parked outside their neighbour’s house.  They use their iphone to get the contact details for later and it’s less scary than approaching an unknown trades person with a blank white van.  They couldn’t even be sure what trade you were. Get it sign written. We can get it designed and in place prior to delivery. Just turn the key and off you go. Pimping works!

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